Configuring Electron     

We’ll be using Quasar CLI to develop and build an Electron App. The difference between building a SPA, PWA, Mobile App or an Electron App is simply determined by the “mode” parameter in “quasar dev” and “quasar build” commands.

But first, let’s learn how we can configure the Electron build.


You may notice that /quasar.conf.js contains a property called electron.

electron: {
// optional; webpack config Object for
// the Main Process ONLY (/src-electron/main-process/)
extendWebpack (cfg) {
// directly change props of cfg;
// no need to return anything

// electron-packager options
packager: {

The “packager” prop refers to electron-packager options. The dir and out properties are overwritten by Quasar CLI to ensure the best results.